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It is estimated that as much as 81% of our learning occursthrough the use of sight. For children who are visually impaired or blind, additional support and assistance may be needed to enhance opportunities.

Services Available

  • Coordination of ESVI consultant services through the district's designated sponsor
  • Recommendations for adaptations and modifications to enhance the student's opportunities for learning
  • Assessment, instruction, and consultation in the use of recommended low vision devices, adaptive mobility devices and canes
  • Recommendations for large print or Braille books
  • Recommendations for assistive equipment and materials
  • Assistance as needed with required Functional Vision Assessments and Learning Media Assessments

How To Get Help

  • When a medical report from an ophthalmologist or optometrist indicates that the student's vision is 20/70 or less in the better eye with correction or that the student's visual field is 20 degrees or less, a request for vision consultation/services should be submitted to CIRCUIT.
  • Service requests are completed online at CIRCUIT.
  • When service requests for students identified with visual impairments, along with the necessary documentation, have been received, a referral to Educational Services for the Visually Impaired will be generated.
  • This service is provided without charge through the Special Education Unit of the Arkansas Department of Education.
  • Consultation is offered by trained professionals who are dually certified in vision education as well as orientation and mobility.